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Alebat is an artist living in Chile.
They like horror movies and have 4 cats.

© Alebat 2024

© Alebat 2024

© Alebat 2024

►3d Diorama Illustration Commission

►Price: $80 usd Via paypal

  • -Full body model of (1 character)

  • -Themed backdrop/diorama of your choice

  • -Prop items

  • -Gifs from multiple angles

  • -Single Frame still shots

  • -.Blend file

►Add - Ons:

  • +Additional character: $40 usd

  • +Simple animation: $15 usd (per character) (blinking, small limb movements)

►Please let me know the following when requesting a commission:

  • Desired background

  • Desired decorations or Props

  • Color scheme

  • Characters/ocs/subject of diorama

  • Desired Expression

  • Desired Pose

  • Desired Outfit


► I accept payments upfront through paypal.
► You can email me at: forest@batsyforever.com if interested. or shoot me a message on twitter (@yoursforest)
► Please include any photo/drawing references you might have. I consider commissions based on my perceived difficulty of the character.
► Turn around time is around 4-6 weeks depending on complexity
►I accept one commission at a time, if there are multiple commission requests I will add you to a waitlist (if you wish)

Will modelWont model
Ocs - Dnd chars - Blood --Furry (depends on complexity) -Anthros✖︎Nsfw ✖︎Drug related Imagery

►Terms of Service

►This is a 3d illustration commission. It is an illustration of your character.
My models are not intended for use in Vr chat, for youtube videos,animation, etc. They are solely meant to be an illustration.
While I do include the files for your personal use, these models are not intended for use outside of being an illustration.
They are rigged minimally for animation but not created for that purpose. You can do whatever you like with the files for your personal purposes and you have my permission to try to rig them for your own enjoyment but i do not allow use for commercial purposes.

►You Can:

  • ►If you are a youtuber you CAN: Show the commission with visible credit as a decoration in a video.

  • ►add the model to your toyhouse, personal oc site, or social media as a reference image or social media post with visible credit.

Character belongs to Hellosunnycore

Thank you so much :)

Example Gallery

If you ever have any questions or need a detailed update on your commission, please don't hesitate to email me at forest@batsyforever.com or reach me through twitter dm @yoursforest

© Alebat 2024

© Alebat 2024

Clay 3d banners are $55 usd each through paypal
You can contact me on twitter (yoursforest) or Email me your request at forest@batsyforever.com

turn around time: 2-3 weeks from the time you receive your mockup

Please let me know the following when requesting a commission:

  • Desired background

  • Desired decorations or additions (optional)

  • Color scheme

  • Character/ocs/subject of banner, please provide references!!

  • Name or words desired on banner (optional)

  • Placement of words and character

  • Would you like the decorations/characters to be Sticky dough or Ceramic? No preference? just let me know

File sizes included:

  • 3000 x 1055

  • tumblr : 2548 x 964

  • twitter: 1500 x 500

  • icon: 800 x 800 (Please let me know if you'd like an icon or not )

  • If you need any specific sizes please feel free to let me know, i will happily generate those sizes for you :o)

Won't do:

  • Sexual themes/Nsfw

  • Drug related imagery

Need to see some examples for inspiration? you can see some examples here


  • I will give you a google drive folder with your images at the end of your commission please save them to your own devices, folder will be deleted after 3 months

  • Extra characters/ Heads will incur an extra charge of $15 usd per extra head depending on complexity, i will do relatively simple mascots for no extra charge

© Alebat 2024


CommissionerStatusDate StartedDate Completed
CrystalSugarStars (email)Completed5/10/20245/27/2024
Space Ghostess (email)Completed5/10/20245/28/2024

Waiting list


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3d Clay banner example gallery

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